With 10 days left until the Student Ministries Christmas Service, countdown with us as we cover the list of the top 10 Christmas Movies of ALL TIME.  Give us feedback, do you agree, do you disagree? Join us Monday, December 16th, 7pm at the South Toledo Campus (click for directions) for FREE food, fun, music, prizes, and SNOW.


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#9 A Christmas Carol:


Number 9 on our list comes not because of one movie but for a compilation of a classic tale.  Did you know that since Charles Dickens wrote it in 1843, his story has been adapted over 30 times in movies alone, not to mention the countless other versions for theatre, radio, and TV. It is one of the most famous books he ever wrote. It is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a greedy miser who hates Christmas, and how he is transformed into a caring, kindly person through the visitations of four ghosts.


Here are some notable versions

A Christmas Carol (2009) – Starring Jim Carrey, lots of CGI


Scrooge (1951) – Yes its in black and white

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) – The lovable Muppets bring the humor to the classic tale


There’s even a Dr. Who Christmas Carol episode…

Have you seen any of the multiple versions of A Christmas Carol? Which one is your favorite? What do you think? Comment below!
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