How to Handle Temptation

Even though you knew this day would come you can’t avoid the situation. You’re in the middle of it. The temptation is overwhelming. And now your desires are so strong you want to give in. You ask yourself, “What do I do now?” What are your options? Do you have any? Are you destined to be defeated by your temptations or is there a way out? You may have been told you just need to have more faith. Right now in the midst of the temptation though, it seems you  need something else. Something you can actually do. The Bible says that you won’t be tempted more than you can handle but you know you’re am going to cave in. The amazing thing is…you don’t have to…you can overcome your temptation.

  1. First you have to look beyond what is tempting you. Before ever participating in any particular act you have to see where it leads. You probably will get exactly what you are hungry for. Unfortunately what gets left out is the shame, guilt, the hindrance on your relationship with Christ that comes attached. You already know the answer you are looking for. This isn’t leading you anywhere you want to go. In fact participating actually leads me down a road that is only going to get you hurt.
  2. Second, stay in community. After you have made the decision to not participate in something, you should have friends to keep you accountable. It is much harder to engage in something sinful and tempting when people are around. You don’t have to believe every word but this to date hasn’t failed me yet.
  3. Finally, you have to look up to God. This is the ultimate solution.  When you’re trying to overcome and get rid of something it isn’t enough to just try and run. Eventually it will catch up with you. You have to replace what seems pleasing to you with something that is more pleasing to God. Isaiah 55:8 tells us that God’s ways are not our ways. God’s ways are not your ways. God has more planned for you than you could imagine even in your grandest plans.