What is Vertical

VERTICAL: 9th – 12th GRADES:   f: verticallifetv   t/i: @verticallifetv

  • Monthly Service: Once a month on Mondays at the South Toledo Campus from 7:00p-8:30p during school year.
  • LifeGroup: Every Monday night at each campus from 7:00p-8:30p during school year.
  • Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP): Weekly meeting every Tuesday night during school year.
  • Student Leadership Team (SLT): Weekly meeting every Sunday at each campus
  • Winter Retreat: An offsite, weekend (Friday night through Sunday morning) retreat, held in late February for current 8th through 12th grade students.

Student Ministries at CedarCreek Church exists to help spiritual restless and unchurched 9th – 12th grade students love Jesus, serve others, and tell the world about Christ.

  • Monthly Service: A monthly central gathering where we want to create an environment where it is as easy as possible for a high school student to attend and invite their friends with the ultimate goal of getting them connected into lifegroup at their local campus.
  • LifeGroup: A weekly gathering where we encourage high school students to engage in lasting relationships with other students, leaders, and ultimately Jesus Christ.
  • Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP): This program challenges high school seniors beyond the realm of normal engagement within Student Ministries. Our hope is that this group of students leads the charge of Student Ministries in the areas of personal spiritual growth, commitment to the church community, and leadership in their senior year.
  • Student Leadership Team (SLT): An elevated level of commitment for high school students that serve on the weekends and participate in a weekly leadership meeting at their local campus.
  • Winter Retreat: A stripped down offsite weekend experience featuring a variety of breakout sessions and introspective worship.

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