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Student Ministries | Financial Aid Application CONFIDENTIAL

Thank you for your interest in sending your son or daughter to one of our Student Ministries Retreats/Camps. As a team, we are committed to creating a relevant and exciting environment for your student to grow spiritually. Our hope is that every student can attend, and our scholarship fund, graciously funded by the attenders of CedarCreek Church, will help with that. In order to best use our resources we ask that you fill out the questionnaire below.

Please note the deadline for Fusion Camp Financial Aid Applications is May 3rd.

CedarCreek Student Ministries Team

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Only 1 student per form please

Financial Information:

Unfortunately we cannot process your request without an amount you can afford.
Deadline for Applications is Sunday May 1st
Amount cannot be less than $25

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Student Ministries | Payment Plan & Fundraising

As a courtesy to families in need, we offer a variety of payment plans for your convenience. Please note that ALL payment plans must be worked out through the Student Ministry Director at your home campus.


CedarCreek Student Ministries Team

Payment Plan Examples:

Winter Retreat based on:

  • Last weekend in February
  • Cost of $125**
  • Paying Monthly
    • $65 in January
    • $60 in February
  • Paying Weekly
    • $20 first week in January
    • $15 next 7 weeks

Fall Retreat based on:

  • First weekend in November
  • Cost of $125**
  • Paying Monthly
    • $65 in September
    • $60 in October
  • Paying Weekly
    • $20 first week in September
    • $15 next 7 weeks

Fusion Camp based on:

  • Payments received no later than May
  • Cost of $300**
  • Paying Monthly
    • About $35 beginning in September
    • About $60 beginning in January
  • Paying Weekly
    • About $9 first week in September
    • About $15 first week in January

**Pending any Price Breaks, Deadlines or Increases.